Zhao, Z. Badam, S.K., Park, D.G., Chandrasegaran, S., Elmqvist, N., Kisselburgh, L., & Ramani, K.
Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI’14), 1235-1244. New York: ACM.
Publication year: 2014


We present skWiki, a web application framework for collaborative creativity in digital multimedia projects, including text, hand-drawn sketches, and photographs. skWiki overcomes common drawbacks of existing wiki software by providing a rich viewer/editor architecture for all media types that is integrated into the web browser itself, thereby eliminating the dependency on client-side media editors. Rather than operating on files, skWiki uses the concept of paths as trajectories of persistent state over time. This data model has intrinsic support for collaborative editing, including cloning, branching, and merging paths edited by multiple contributors. We present our skWiki prototype and demonstrate its utility using a qualitative, sketching-based user study.

KeywordsCollaborative editing, creativity, wikis, sketching.



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