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Privacy in networks.

Book Chapterprivacy & social media
Kisselburgh, L.G.
In G. Barnett & J. G. Golson (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Social Networks (pp. 629-634). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.
Publication year: 2011

Collaborative research in global contexts: Institutional and ethical synergies.

Book Chaptergender and STEM careersmeanings of workMethods
Kisselburgh, L.G., Berkelaar, B.L., & Buzzanell, P.M.
In Communication in e-Society: Innovation, collaboration and responsibility (pp. 69-84). Shanghai, China: Shanghai People’s Publishing House.
Publication year: 2010

“We tell people. It’s up to them to be prepared”: Public relations practices of local emergency managers.

Book Chapter
Littlefield, R., Rowan, K.E., Veil, S.R., Kisselburgh, L.G., Beauchamp, K., Vidoloff, K., Dick, M.L., Russell-Loretz, T., Kim, I., Ruvarac, A., Wang, Q., Cho, H., Hoang, T.S., Neff, B., Toles-Patkin, T., Troester, R.L., Hyder, S., Venette, S., & Sellnow, T.
In T. Coombs, & S. Holliday (Eds.), The handbook of crisis communication (pp. 245-260). Wiley-Blackwell.
Publication year: 2010

The construction of civility in multicultural organizations.

Book Chaptermarginalized voicesmeanings of work
Kisselburgh, L.G., & Dutta, M.J.
In P. Lutgen-Sandvik & B. Davenport Sypher (Eds.), Destructive organizational communication: Processes, consequences, and constructive ways of organizing (pp. 121-142). New York, NY: Routledge.
Publication year: 2009

21st century STEM careers: Communication perspectives and research opportunities.

Book Chaptergender and STEM careersmeanings of work
Putnam, L.L., Kisselburgh, L.G., Berkelaar, B.L., Buzzanell, P.M., Mastronardi, M., Jackson, M., Stoltzfus, K., Jorgenson, J., & Wang, J.
In L. Harter, M.J. Dutta, & C.E. Cole (Eds.), Communication for social impact: Engaging communication theory, research, and practice (pp. 47-62). Cresskill, NJ: Hampton.
Publication year: 2009

Psychomotor assessment items and batteries (Appendix A).

Book Chapter
Anonymous contribution
In D. Geddes, Psychomotor individualized educational programs for intellectual, learning, and behavioral disabilities (pp. 229-241). Boston, MA: Allyn and Bacon.
Publication year: 1981