Lipford, H. R., Wisniewski, P., Lampe, C., Kisselburgh, L.G., & Caine, K.
Proceedings of the 2012 Annual Conference on Computer-supported Cooperative Work Companion (CSCW’12), 19-20. New York, NY: ACM.
Publication year: 2012


Social media is one way that individuals share information, present themselves, and manage their social interactions in both personal and professional contexts. While social media benefits have been examined in the literature, relatively little attention has been paid to the relationship of privacy to these benefits. Privacy has traditionally been framed as a way for individuals to protect themselves from the consequences of too much information disclosure. However, privacy can be a means to enhance social media outcomes and is essential for coordinating cooperative relationships. In this workshop we seek to: a) broaden the lens of social media privacy research to examine the benefits and outcomes of interactional privacy as they relate to social media goals; and b) discuss the design of social media interfaces that are responsive to both relational and privacy needs.

Keywords: Social media, privacy, social interaction

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